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Carpet offers many styles, colours, patterns and textures. When choosing carpeting, make sure to consider the area where it will be installed. In a high traffic area, you want to make sure you choose a high quality carpet that is more resistant to higher volumes of traffic. Carpet enhances sound absorption and is a natural insulator, allowing it to hold more warmth during those cold winter days. It also offers a non-slip surface that reduces the chance of accidents; if a fall does occur, its soft surface cushions the impact – perfect for children. Starting at $1.95 sf 

Carpet Flooring Manufacturers

Royalty & Camelot Carpets

Royalty & Camelot Carpets offer superior craftsmanship while keeping up to date with the stylish ever changing trends. They maintain a high standard on keeping the environment safe by using North American made recyclable, sustainable carpets.
Royalty & Camelot Carpet uses 100% type 6.6 nylon in all carpets which outperforms all other nylons. The carpets are more resistant to staining and will look better for longer.
Several styles of “saxony” or better known as plush carpets are available as well as more traditional styles and elegant, textures featuring twisted yarn which offers a more relaxed casual look and it’s less likely show traffic, perfect for active homes. Frieze the ultimate in informal carpets, holds up well in high traffic areas. Cable type carpeting offers longer, thicker yard better suited for lower traffic areas. Loop or Berber carpeting offers a random or patterned look which is extremely durable and perfect for hiding traffic. Also available is cut and loop mix gives you the pattern style of loop and cut pile creating a variety of patterns.

Prices ranging from $5.39- 13.09 sf 

Kraus Carpet

Kraus Carpet come in many colours, styles, textures and patterns. Kraus offers both nylon and synthetic fiber carpets at fair and affordable prices. Kraus carpets can maintain their beauty for a long time when chosen correctly, matched with regular cleaning and professional installation. Not only will regular carpet vacuuming and cleaning maintain the beauty of your carpet it will also improve your indoor air quality.

Kraus carpets are guaranteed to hold up against normal wear and tear of daily life. Kraus carpets offer advanced stain and soil protection, stain and soil resistance, oil and water repellentcy and up to 20 year texture retention depending on the selected carpet.

Prices ranging from $1.95- 5.99 sf 

Woolmaster Carpet

Introducing a unique and timeless product Woolmaster carpet. This 100% wool carpet is naturally soft and resilient and truly feels like heaven.

Aside from being warm in winter and cool in summer, this carpet is easy to clean, naturally flame resistant, anti-static, and moth resistant. Because of its durability, this carpet will spring back from footsteps and heavy furniture.

Shag, berber, and sheared are a few styles offered by Ottawa Diamond Flooring so come in and see for yourself where seeing is believing.

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